why granite countertopsWhether you are looking to buy a new home or make some upgrades to your existing home it is important make the best decision! When it comes to kitchens and bathrooms one of the best choices that can be made is the choice to use granite countertops.  Here are just 5 of the reasons why.


1- Beautiful Focal Point

One of the best reasons to have granite countertops throughout your home is the beauty of them. Granite countertops have a unique quality within each slab, not one piece of granite will be exact to another which gives the granite a great artistic appeal. This is possible since granite is a natural occurring material on the earth and isn’t mass produced. It will be an ease to find a color of granite that will complement your paint, flooring and decor in your home. While walking into your kitchen or your bathroom granite countertop will be sure to draw attention and add a great focal point to your kitchens and bathrooms.

2- Great for Cooking

Granite is great for cooking since it won’t be scratched up by normal cooking practices. There won’t be any wear and tear marks in highly used areas of the kitchen and bathroom areas.  It is also heat resistant which is great for cooking! Resting a hot dish or pan on the granite countertop won’t leave a burn mark or discolor it. Also, in the bathrooms placing hot hair instruments won’t be concern for damage effects on the counter as well.

3- Home Value

Granite countertops will last as long as the house does which adds to home value. Whether you are looking to purchase a home or selling a home granite counter tops add immediate value and listing power to the home. Granite countertops will add a wow factor to your home. When home appraisers look at homes those with granite countertops will generally rate higher than those with laminate and cheaper countertops.

4- Durability

Granite is a very strong substance that can withstand years of use while still looking brand new. Granite naturally is non-absorbing, scratch resistant and stain resistant material and once a sealing in placed upon the granite this durability is increased. What makes granite so durable is because of what it is naturally made out of. This durability can be made visible at a microscopic level; granite is full of interlocking mental grains that are close to one another.

5- Easy Maintenance

After the granite is in place it is easily cared for. No scrubbing will be needed! Because of the sealing on the granite most clean-ups and daily cleaning will be done easily. You can easily clean the granite with soapy water; you won’t have to worry about any sort of special cleaners to get the job done. It is ideal to use a microfiber towel to dry and clean with so the granite doesn’t show any streaking. To disinfect and add a nice shine use a diluted mixture of isopropyl alcohol solution will do the trick!


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