Now that summer is quickly approaching, you may be wondering if you should create an outdoor entertaining space. An outdoor kitchen is a great way to spend your summer evenings, and relax with friends and family. For anyone that is thinking about an outdoor kitchen, we recommend using granite countertops as they are resistant to weather and other elements your kitchen will encounter. Contact Out of the Woods Granite in Layton if you would like to discuss different options to create a unique outdoor kitchen.

How to Plan an Outdoor Kitchen

Adequate counter space is an essential part of planning your outdoor kitchen. How much space will you need for food preparation and how much space do you need for eating? Will you have a bar for people to sit down and enjoy eating? An outdoor countertop is usually deeper from the indoor kitchens as it provides space for a grill.

Finding the Right Countertops

The best way to select granite countertops for your outdoor kitchen is by choosing one that doesn’t include a lot of veins. These countertops can handle the heat properly as they do not have epoxies and fillers to complete the grains. The one thing to remember is the color of the granite. Granite that is too dark can have problems retaining heat. Choose a lighter color as it is heat resistant and prevents problems with burns.

Why Granite?

We recommend using granite for your outdoor kitchen as it can handle the extreme temperature changes. Granite will not have problems with scratching, staining, freezing, or heat damage like you see with other countertops.

An outdoor kitchen is a great addition for any home. Contact Out of the Woods Granite in Layton if you would like to create a great outdoor living space to enjoy!

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