It is never easy to select a countertop for your kitchen remodel. With so many styles and options to choose from, we recommend taking some time to browse our showroom to see how the different styles can complement the cabinets and flooring. At Out of the Woods Granite, we recommend using granite countertops as they have a great advantage over other countertop options. From resistance to heat, bacteria, and stains, it is easy to see why these countertops are a beautiful option for your home. If you need new granite countertops in Layton, here are some things to help you understand how to choose between the various types of granite countertops.


The cut of granite will make a difference in the way it looks when it is installed. We provide different cut options to make your granite stand out from the others you see on the market. Ask about our stone quarry to see how our granite differs from others.


To give the granite a rustic or muted look, we can provide a honed cut. They do not have the same polished look as a traditional granite countertop so this is something to keep in mind. Before the sealant is applied, you can add a color to the honed countertop.


This granite is a combination of several granite stones that have been grounded together with various pigments to create a nice countertop. The engineered granite can come in a variety of styles and thickness options to make it look nice.


Most people want their granite to have a smooth look. We recommend polished granite as it has a high gloss on the surface which helps to close the pores. A clean surface is easier to clean and helps the granite countertops to last longer.

For more information about different types of granite countertops in Layton, give Out of the Woods Granite a call today (801)336-4153!

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