When you’re deciding on which type of countertop you want to install in your home, it’s important to consider granite tiles or granite slabs and understand their pros and cons. A Granite slab is a large cut chunk of granite that is refined into the shape of your counter top. A slab is usually no longer than 9 or 10 feet a couple feet deep. Granite tile is cut into square tiles, usually 12×12 inches or 16x16inches.


Granite slabs give your home a rich and beautiful appeal. With multiple colors and textures, slabs will be sure to accent the beauty of your home or office. Granite tiles offer color options that are sometimes not found in slabs. Because the tiles aren’t as large, they can be mined from smaller deposits, creating additional hue possibilities. Deciding between tiles and slab has largely to do with your personal preference and taste.


Although the costs for tile and slab are fairly close, tile is typically the least expensive choice. The cost of installation is about the same for slab and granite. You will most likely be able to find a variety of both titles and slabs that meet your needs and are within your budget.


Both tile and slabs are quite durable when properly sealed. The grout on granite tile typically needs more maintenance than granite slabs. Granite is heat, stain, chip, crack and scratch resistant so you never have to worry about your granite countertop looking bad.

Out of the Woods Granite offers Utah homeowners a variety of granite colors and edges to choose from. We offer a lifetime guarantee on all of our granite countertops. If proper care is taken, these countertops often outlast the home.

For more information on granite tile vs. granite slabs , call Out of the Woods Granite (801)336-4153



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