Granite Countertop Maintenance | Out Of The Woods GraniteHaving a spick and span kitchen in your home with granite countertops is the ultimate dream for many homeowners. And although granite may look stylish, cleaning it can sometimes be a task. Many home owners feel that they need nothing more than an all-purpose cleaner to maintain the surfaces of their granite countertops. But there can be strong, harsh chemicals present in some cleaners. For example, ammonia can damage and scratch the surfaces of granite countertops, leaving them dull and dingy looking. Below are some effective tips on how to properly deep clean and maintain the appearance, and overall quality of your granite countertops.

Clean With Detergent and Warm Water

Put a few drops of antibacterial detergent or dish washing soap into a cup of warm water. Soak a clean, soft washcloth with some of this mixture, and use it to wipe down the countertops. Use clean water to completely rinse the surfaces afterwards, and use another clean, dry cloth to dry the area. A stone which is properly sealed will be able to withstand most of the stains when the spills are immediately cleaned.

Make Use of Degreaser and Stone

In the case where your granite countertop may have been neglected for some time now, you can use a degreaser and a heavy-duty cleaning stone in order to effectively remove any traces of dirt, grime and stubborn grease left behind. These types of products are concentrated, and they can deep clean granite stone without causing any damages. You should always carefully follow the directions of the manufacturer while using these types of products.

Avoid Temps That are Too Hot or Cold

You should avoid any long-term exposure of granite to extreme temperatures. Although the stone surface will not be damaged by hot cooking pots, it can be harmed by constant or extreme changes in temperature. It is a good idea to avoid placing hot pans for long periods of time on the counter, particularly during the colder season. Also, do not cut foods directly on the granite countertops. It may be able to withstand scratching, but it is better to make use of a cutting board for the longevity of the surfaces.

Use Stone Poultice for Rigid Stains

In case you are unable to remove rigid or unyielding stains from the surfaces of your granite countertops with either of the above recommended methods, then you can make good use of a stone poultice to assist in the removal of them. A stone poultice is a fine, absorptive and non-acidic clay cleaning powder, which can rid your granite surfaces of grout haze, deep oil stains, and stubborn grease spots. Sometimes, the shine of a granite surface can be slightly dulled by the use of poultice. In a situation like this, you can use a marble polish to replenish the lost shine.

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