Do you have granite countertops? When is the last time you took a moment to seal the granite countertops? Granite might be one of the best and most attractive countertop options, but it isn’t without the needs of regular maintenance.

Granite is natural stone composed of quartz, feldspar, and mica. Granite is one of the hardest materials, but it does contain small spores, which can become filled with bacteria if they are not sealed and properly cleaned. Grease and other food products will start to soak into the countertops and stain them over the years.

Correctly sealing granite countertops will make them look newer and keeps the countertops from staining. We recommend sealing your granite every three months or once a year based on the color. Follow these steps to start sealing your granite countertops:

  1. Clean the countertops with warm water and ensure it is free from residue.
  2. Cover the sink with plastic to keep the sealant from ruining the look of your faucet assembly.
  3. Wear plastic gloves to protect your skin and open windows to allow for proper ventilation.
  4. Apply sealant when the countertops are clean and dry. The sealant needs to be heavily applied to the surface until it looks like a mirror-like wet appearance.
  5. Let the sealant stay on the surface for 10 minutes before applying a second coat of granite sealant for another 10 minutes.
  6. Use a paper towel to polish the granite in a circular motion to remove excess product.
  7. Let the countertops rest for at least 6 hours before you use them and place anything on them.
  8. Clean the surface with a dry cloth to remove any excess residue or dust.

Your countertops are ready for regular use once again! If you have any questions about maintaining your granite countertop, or you need countertop repair, contact Out of the Woods today!



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