Marble is a luxurious and sophisticated stone that offers a classic touch to any home. It has been used for centuries for a wide variety of purposes, including statues, pillars, and buildings. Since marble is a more porous stone, acids can stain the surface. Therefore, stone should be sealed regularly for continuous protection.

Why Install Marble Countertops?

Made from superheated limestone, marble is a highly porous surface. Marble is naturally softer than granite and isn’t recommended for kitchen use. Laundry, baths or showers are a better fit for marble. Although marble may see more wear and tear than granite or quartz, it also offers a more authentic and classic look. Depending on where the marble is mined, different tones and colors can be created. At Out of the Woods Granite, we offer an unmatched selection of marble countertop colors and patterns.

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We offer a lifetime guarantee on all of our marble countertops. If proper care is taken, these countertops often outlast the home. For marble countertops in Utah, call Out of the Woods Granite today at (801) 336-4153.