Granite Countertop in Layton, UT homeA granite countertop has quickly become one of the most popular choices for Utah countertops due to its natural beauty, durability and versatility. It is formed from a molten rock which solidifies under pressure. In turn, this is what makes it one of the hardest natural products in the world. Its unique look makes it ideal to accent the beauty of nearly any home, or office environment.

Granite Countertops

Out of the Woods offers Utah homeowners a variety of colors and edges to choose from. We offer a lifetime guarantee on all of our granite countertops. If proper care is taken, these countertops often outlast the home. The stone is heat, stain, chip, crack and scratch resistant so you never have to worry about your countertop looking bad.

For granite countertops in Utah, call Out of the Woods Granite (801) 336-4153.