Why you should choose Out Of The Woods Granite for your project?

1. Value – At Out Of The Woods we combine price, quality, and service responsiveness to provide our customer the most exceptional value available in custom granite. The value of our product is often recognized by home builders who will use our product in their own personal homes, even if they use another lesser quality product in their production houses.

2. Quality – We have employed just the right amount of automation in our granite fabrication process. The automation assures accuracy and precision but our hand craftsmanship assures that the details are not overlooked. All our edges are applied by hand to achieve the highest quality possible. We do not use inferior or commercial grade granite materials or allow more seams in a countertop than absolutely necessary.

3. Upfront Pricing – No hidden add-ons or extra charges. We do not advertise low prices to lure customers in the door and then surprise them with all the things that are “not included”.

IMG_008907_10_11_12_134. Responsiveness – We are extremely responsive to the needs of our clients. Granite fabrication involves many custom designs and details. When challenges arise, they will be resolved promptly as a focus to us, rather than an inconvenience.

5. Local, In-House Fabrication – We fabricate all of our countertops locally in our well-equipped granite fabrication facility. This allows us to provide you with the highest quality, highly accurate scheduling of jobs, and better matching of products and colors. Plus we don’t have to rely on other vendors to ensure that we get what we need, when we need it and we don’t use pre-fabricated Chinese granite.

6. Experience / Stability – Our owners have been in the custom countertop industry for the last 30 years. We have built our business with steady growth even through the fallout from 9-11 and the current economic crisis. We are here for the long haul.

7. Personalization / Customization – You work directly with the owners or managers of the company. With us you are a unique and individual person, not a job number. Your ideas, opinions and input are important to achieve the design you are looking for. Our people are dedicated to providing you with a satisfying granite buying experience. We welcome interesting or unique projects. We have the ability and capability to create almost anything with granite that can be imagined, inspired, or drawn.

8. Scheduling – In an industry known for poor adherence to schedules, we have dedicated ourselves to meeting your installation timeframes and deadlines by scheduling through a single point of contact to minimize mis-communications. We practice frequent contact, communication, and coordination to assure we meet the schedule.

9. Licensed and Insured – We hold all the proper current licensing and insurances necessary for granite installation in more than the required amounts. All our employees are legally employed and completely covered with workers compensation insurance to protect them and our customers from possible claims.

10. Installation Control – We provide our own, in-house installation teams. There will be no “blame game” between manufacturer and an independent installer. Issues are resolved promptly because manufacturer and installer work for the same team.

11. Reputation –We have built our business based on the referrals of satisfied customers. We will always deal honestly and fairly with our customers.

12. Guarantee – We also offer a lifetime warranty for our products and installation work. To make such an offer is unparalleled in the granite industry.